Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get it to me by [date]?
We aren't able to rush shipments, or make guarantees about shipment dates. However, they come quick! We send them out approximately the following business day, and they normally take fewer than 5 business days to arrive. They should take no longer than two weeks.

Can I get a tracking number?
Unfortunately, we can't do tracking numbers due to the small number of shipments we send out. But we promise, your hats are coming! We ship them out the following morning.

Why isn't my hat here yet?
If it's been fewer than two weeks, it's almost definitely still coming. If it's been longer than two weeks, you can email us and we can help out.

Can I get a different color / other customization?
We can do any color you want, as long as it's red. Unfortunately, we're a bit of a one-trick pony... we do red hats embroidered with a white font.

Can you ship outside the US?
We currently do the continental US only.

We want 48+ hats with our company name on the back/front!
Email us, and we can make this happen! It'll be a bit more expensive, but we can do it. (We're unable to do logos.)

Do the profits go to any political candidates?
Not a cent.

Still have a question?
E-Mail Us